Hold Up Hold Up

16 “Hold Up Pitch Meeting #1″ (with Aaron Kheifets and Nathaniel Kloke)

November 19, 2018

Sean Kilby is joined by Aaron Kheifets and Nathaniel Kloke for the first ever Hold Up Pitch Meeting. We look back at the last 15 episodes of Hold Up Hold Up by pitching a make-believe remake, sequel or reboot of each movie (or TV show) discussed so far.

Sean, Aaron and Kloke each select 5 movies (or TV shows) apiece and take turns pitching their very best reboot ideas for today's audience. Harry Potter as a Netflix show? Lethal Weapon in the old west? West Side story as a battle (for love) between Tupac and Biggie? All that and more is discussed in this very special episode of Hold Up Hold Up!

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