Hold Up Hold Up

17 “Jumanji” (with Michelle Ciciyasvili and Susie Kemple)

November 26, 2018

Sean Kilby is joined by Michelle Ciciyasvili and Susie Kemple to discuss the classic Robin Williams children's movie Jumanji.

This movie hit theaters 23 years ago and holds a special place in the hearts of all 90's kids. It stands as one of the best examples of a Robin Williams movie that delicately toes the line between sadness and hijinks, while still maintaining a sense of adventure. Does this movie still feel as thrilling as it did the day it came out? Was it too scary for children to watch both then and now? And which of the magical threats that burst forth from the Jumanji game do we consider the most terrifying? All that and more is discussed on this episode of Hold Up Hold Up.

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