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19 “Rocky IV” (with Derek and Romaine)

December 10, 2018

Sean Kilby is joined by radio personalities Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson of The Derek and Romaine Show to discuss the cold war classic Rocky 4.

We dive deep into the Rocky series and how this movie stacks up among all eight films. Romaine shares her love for this movie, which she has seen upwards of 40 times. Derek provides a bit of comic relief and some valuable insights into where this film fit into the political landscape when it came out in 1985, as well as some thoughts on why it became the most successful film in the franchise. Plus, we discuss the best quotes (in what is a very quotable movie), the cringiest moments, Ivan Drago's shorts, and a few interesting fan theories that you may have missed. Find out whether or not the Rocky IV holds up!

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